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Red Penguin -32 °C
  • plastic bottle 2 L
Red Penguin (summer)
  • plastic bottle 2 L
  • can 5 L
Red Penguin
  • Dual-chamber plastic bottle 250 ml
  • aerosol can 320 ml
  • aerosol can 320 ml
Ice Breacker
  • can 550 ml
  • tube in blister package 10 ml
  • aeroso can 320 ml
  • tube 10 ml

Good view will keep you safe!

Clean windshields guarantee safety, every car owner who just once drove a car during rainy or slushy weather knows it. Not every dirt can be removed just by water; frequently, special liquids are required. VERYLUBE trade mark offers the whole range of products for eliminating even the most persistent contaminations from car windshields.

Windshield cleanness during driving is provided by applying RED PENGUIN fluids designed for windshield washers and manufactured by VERYLUBE trademark. These popular products wonderfully clean windshields both in winter and in summer. And if previously RED PENGUIN was produced only in one variant, non-freezing liquid applied in the temperature range of up to -32°С, at this moment there exist 5 types of RED PENGUIN liquids: two – for summer and three – for winter, including the superconcentrate which does not freeze at the temperature of up to -120°C.

Why exactly “Red Penguin”? Penguins have a thing about cleanness. They spend a lot of time cleaning their feathering and their wonderful tuxedoes always look impressively clean.

Insect traces, bird droppings, bud stains can also spoil your mood, especially if you do not remove them at once. VERYLUBE Insect trace remover excellently copes with such contaminations. Besides, it can be applied both on glass and on paint/lacquer coatings, plastic parts, etc. The special formula of the compound is absolutely safe and carefully removes all the dirt from a car.