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Fuel modifiers by Verylube

Fuel modifiers are various additives, which are added to fuel when a car is being tanked up and are designed to improve its quality. At that, as in any other case there is such a “c'est la vie”: some people consider modifiers useful, others say, that there is no need to apply them. And when you get down to it, most negative comments appear after improper use of compounds.

Every experienced car driver during his life has surely faced fuel of low quality. However anything may happen. One of the examples: sometimes a car has to be tanked up by chance at unproven “questionable” fuel stations. Nobody knows, what kind of fuel they have in their fuel flasks, yet you still need to drive. Irreparable damage is effected to an engine when fuel with various contaminants or improper octane rating combusts in it. When light fractions, mixing with air-fuel mixture, combust and are brought out from fuel supply system in a usual way, the heavy fractions combust only partially and their residues settle on engine parts in the form of various resistant deposits which can be washed out neither by fuel, nor by oil. There appear carbon deposits on the engine what affects engine operation negatively. The main problems by low-quality fuel combustion are soot build-ups in gas exhaust system, deposits formation and increased fuel consumption. Different additives-modifiers help to deal with such consequences, and to be more precise, to prevent them.

Different additives, which improve fuel quality, can help to protect the engine, improve its operation and optimize the fuel combustion process. Modifiers maintain stable engine operation irrespective of fuel quality; prevent the system from corrosion by moisture ingress. Besides, they provide complex cleaning of fuel supply and injection systems and prevent deposit formation on input valves, reduce detonation risks.

The octane (cetane) rating of fuel can be increased by several units due to using of, for example, octane- and cetane boosters. In this case fuel combustion efficiency is increased and its consumption is decreased; the engine starts easier. Regular application restores its smooth operation at idle, increases fuel economy and recovers the lost engine power.

Additives of ENERGY type enhance engine power. They are designed, in the first turn, to increase energy efficiency of fuel. They also improve engine’s power characteristics and increase the heat energy reserve of the fuel. These additives improve inflammability making the cold start of the engine easier.

Fuel modifiers, if applied as per the application instructions manual, do no harm to exhaust gas catalyst converters (exhaust filter), maintain stable work of an engine irrespective of the quality of fuel in the fuel tank. Therefore, if you have taken a couple of such products with you, you will always be sure that you can protect your car anytime.