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Anticor ML

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  • XB 40129 aerosol can 500 ml
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Anticor ML

Wax anticorrosion coating for hard-to-reach car body areas.

High-performance rust preventive product designed to protect internal surfaces of car body hollow parts: door hollows, spars, fenders etc.

Specially designed for anti-corrosive car body treatment based on the Swedish ML method (spreading, preserving, and "sealing up").

Can be applied to metal and lac¬quer coating surfaces. Spreads well and penetrates into the smallest cavities which require protection, such as weld seams and cracks.

  • Forms a very thin protective film ( 40 micron) with strong adhesion.
  • Removes moisture.
  • Seals up centers of corrosion attacks.
  • Has high resistance to chemical activity (weak acids, alkali, etc.).
  • Keeps up the form, does not trickle down from vertical surfaces.
  • Stable to the temperature up to +160 °С.
  • Economical in application (can 500 ml for 20 m2).
  • 1. Clean open surfaces of the parts from dirt, rust, and dust.
  • 2. Shake the can.
  • 3. Spray the content onto the surface at a distance of 20-30 cm.
  • 4. Anticor ML should be applied in one layer.
  • 5. Use an extension pipe to treat closed surfaces.

The ambient air temperature while treating should be +15...20°C.

Can be used in the engine compartment.

Excess of Anticor ML can be easily removed with VERYLUBE TAR STAIN REMOVER