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Wheel disc purifier  (for chromium) Новинка

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  • XB 40108_ Plastic bottle with trigger 500 ml
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Wheel disc purifier (for chromium)

Product for cleaning of chrome-plated wheel discs

Easily cleans wheel discs from contaminations and brightens them. Protects against corrosion. Applied for cleaning of chrome-plated wheel discs.

  • Quickly cleans discs from hard-to-remove contaminations, which are caused by brake operation.
  • Brightens disc wheels.
  • Creates dirt-repellent and anticorrosion protective film.

Spray onto the surface of cold wheel discs, which is to be cleaned, wash with large amount of water in 2-3 minutes. After the cleaning, it is recommended to treat tire casings with VERYLUBE Conditioner of rubber and plastic.