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Wheel disc purifier  (for aluminum) Новинка

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  • XB 40134 Plastic bottle with trigger 500 ml
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Wheel disc purifier (for aluminum)

Wheel discs cleaning

Easily cleans wheel discs from contaminations and brightens them. Protects against corrosion. Applied for cleaning of wheel discs of all types, including light-weight aluminum alloys.

  • Quickly cleans discs from hard-to-remove contaminations, which are caused by break operation.
  • Brightens disc wheels.
  • Creates dirt-repellent and anticorrosion protective film.

Spray onto the surface of cold wheel discs, which is to be cleaned, wash with large amount of water in 10-15 seconds. After the cleaning, it is recommended to treat tire casings with VERYLUBE Conditioner of rubber and plastic.


Please, check the compound effect on a small area of the disc before application. Do not apply to brake system, steering system and mounting assemblies. It is not recommended to apply the product to chromium-plated wheel discs. In this case use Wheel disc purifier (for chromium).