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Cleaner for automobile ventilation system Antibacterial

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  • XB 40616 Aerosol can 320 ml
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Cleaner for automobile ventilation system Antibacterial

Product for antiseptic treatment of air ventilation and deodoration systems in automobile compartment

Applied for air ventilation and conditioning systems of all types (heating/ventilation, air conditioning, climate control system etc.) Prevents risk of allergy development and other respiratory tract diseases. Cleans and disinfects the system. Deodorizes air.


Eliminates fungi and bacteria, removes musty odor. Deodorizes air.

  • Shake the can.
  • Spray the product during 3-4 seconds into air conditioning (ventilation) system of an automobile.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes, start the engine and let it idle for 2-3 minutes with air conditioner turned on.

The product is to be sprayed while engine is turned off.

Contains biologically active substances.

It is recommended to apply not less than once per month.