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Universal penetrating lubricant

Available in package:

  • XA 30016 aerosol can 150 ml
  • XB 40003 aerosol can 320 ml
  • XB 40103 aerosol can 500 ml
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Universal penetrating lubricant

Universal penetrating spray lubricant.

The lubricant penetrates easily and quickly into threaded and other joints, returns mobility to rusted parts. It is recommended for application in service stations, garages, shops, household and industry. It can lubricate any friction surface of the parts.

  • Removes oil and grease contaminations from car body surfaces.
  • Protects parts from corrosion and oxidation.
  • Defreezes door-locks and prevents their freezing.
  • Displaces moisture and eases engine start in damp weather. 
  • 1. Shake the can.
  • 2. Spray a thin layer onto a work surface (part, joint).

Neutral to plastic, rubber and wood.