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80W-90 GL 3/4/5 Новинка

Available in package:

  • XВ 20176 can 1 L
  • XВ 20676 barrel 60 L
  • XВ 20776 barrel 200 L
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80W-90 GL 3/4/5

High class universal mineral oil for all units of mechanical transmissions.

  • SAE 80W-90
  • API GL 3/4/5
  • API MT-1
  • MIL-PRF-2105E
  • MIL-L2105 B/C/D/E
  • Universal application in all units of mechanical transmissions (gearbox, transfer case, axle, differential) of passenger cars and trucks.
  • Improves operation of synchromesh gears and gear shifting precision.
  • Especially effective for loaded hypoid gears and self-locking differentials.