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Leather care

Available in package:

  • XB 40132 aerosol can (mat) 150 ml
  • XB 40112 aerosol can (glossy) 150 ml
  • XB 40032 aerosol can (mat) 320 ml
  • XB 40012 aerosol can (glossy) 320 ml
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Leather care

Safe and effective care of leather surfaces in a car compartment.

The product is designed to take care of natural and artificial leather upholstery (seats, doors, panels, etc.). Protects surfaces from alligatoring, cleans them from contaminations and makes leather more elastic.

  • quickly penetrates into the leather structure and removes contaminations;
  • restores leather elasticity;
  • covers small cracks and gives a shine to the finish;
  • provides upholstery with antistatic properties, it becomes less dusty;
  • the processed leather is stable to moisture and dirt;
  • prevents leather aging and fading in the sun.
  • 1. Shake the can.
  • 2. Spray a small amount of the product onto leather surface.
  • 3. Wipe off with a cloth.