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Red Penguin Superconcentrate -120 °С Лидер продаж

Available in package:

  • XB 50003 plastic can 1 L
  • XB 50103 packet 1 L
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Red Penguin Superconcentrate -120 °С

Superconcentrate of a non-frozen fluid for cleaning a windshield of a car.

Effectively removes ice and rime.

Cleans windshields from any contaminations.

Defrosts frozen fluid in a windshield washer reservoir.

Prevents ice formation in the windshield washer jets.

Prevents formation of oil coating on a windshield.

Has a nice aroma.

Absolutely safe for health.

Neutral to lacquer coating, chromium, rubber, and plastics.

  • with fruit aroma
  • does not contain methyl alcohol
  • has strong defrosting and cleaning properties
  • applied in mixture with water at temperatures below 0 °С.

Pour the ready-to-use fluid into the windshield washer reservoir. The dosage is given in the Table.

Temperature, °С Water, L for 1 L
0… -5 5
-5… -10 4
-10… -20 3
-20… -30 2
-30… -40 1
-40… -50 0,5
-50… -60 0,25

Do not use oral.

Technical compound.

Keep out of reach of children.

Pour the fluid only into the windshield washer reservoir.