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  • XB 40027 aerosol can 320 ml
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Spray designed to improve water-resistant properties of windshields surfaces.

Creates a thin hydrophobic film on the glass. After treatment the water drops do not spread on the glass, but quickly run down improving visi¬bility. Increases significantly the glass limiting wetting angle.

  • Improves visibility during rain or sleet.
  • Prevents freezing of windshields.
  • Indispensable if windshield wipers are out of order.
  • 1. Use in dry weather.
  • 2. Shake the can.
  • 3. Spray ANTIRAIN onto the clean dry external surface of the windshield, mirrors and lights.
  • 4. Polish glass with a cloth.

Recommended for regular use (once per 3-4 weeks).