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Metal condicioner for engines

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  • XB 40261 can 150 ml
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Metal condicioner for engines

Metal condicioner is designed for creating special operating conditions for units and mechanisms of modern car engines, under which engine power increases and high-efficient multilevel system for protection against wear and overloads is formed.

Metal condicioner is formulated on basis of full synthetic polyatomic polymer and a balanced package of antioxidant and extreme pressure additives. Due to covalent atomic bond polymer molecules are very stable to deconstructive influence of local overloads in the friction area, allowing to avoid contact “METAL – METAL” in the friction area during the whole life span of the oil.

  • improve engine power and rotation moment;
  • reduce noise and vibration;
  • extend life span of the engine by 4 times!
  • decrease fuel consumption by 10 %
  • reduce harmful emissions.

Add Metal condicioner into motor oil in the volume 3 - 6from the nominal one, the product will serve you the whole life span of the oil.

Add the content into the oil filler neck of the warmed up engine in the volume of 3 - 6 from the nominal volume of the oil system. Idle the engine for 3 min. Run the car in a regular operating mode without any restrictions.


150 ml - can


Does not contain fluoropolymers, graphite, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramics, esters. Safe for turbines, oxygen sensors, probes and catalysts. Nontoxic and not flammable. The product is compatible with any kind of motor oil and other lubricants.

Does not change oil viscosity!