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Catalyst converter/particulate filter protection Новинка

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  • XB 40035 Can 250 ml
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Catalyst converter/particulate filter protection

Prevents choking of catalyst converter/particulate filter due to deposits formed after using low-quality fuel. Ensures more complete fuel combustion, increases its octane/cetane rating and improves engine capacity.

  • Allows to avoid costly repair in case of catalyst converter/particulate filter malfunction.
  • Provides complex cleaning of fuel system and combustion chamber from all types of contaminations and deposits.
  • Contains only organic (non-metallic) compounds, guarantees protection of exhaust system parts from burning through.
Additional advantages
  • Contributes to cleaning of catalyst converter/particulate filter from deposits formed earlier.
  1. Introduce the bottle contents through the neck of the fuel tank before fueling at the ratio of 1 bottle (250 ml) for 40–60 L of fuel.
  2. Drive the car as usual.