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Cetane+ Новинка

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  • XB 40455 Tube 20 ml
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Additive for increase of cetane rating of diesel fuel

Increases cetane rating of diesel fuel up to 7 points. Increases fuel combustion efficiency and decreases fuel consumption.

  • Increases cetane rating up to 7 points.
  • Reduces metal knocking, caused by hard combustion of low-quality diesel fuel.
  • Increases engine capacity and acceleration capability.
  • Increases engine stable operation at idle and in operation mode.
  • Provides easy start of an engine.
  • Squeeze the contents of the tube into the fuel tank before fueling.
  • Drive your car as you normally do.

20 ml (1 tube) for 40-60 L of fuel


Compatible with all fuel grades.

Safe for particulate filter.

Does not reduce efficiency of other additives.

For optimal effect it is recommended to apply with every fueling.

Expert's Advice

If you don’t want to drop the tube into a tank, squeeze the contents into the fuelling nozzle and fill the car.