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Fuel System Cleaner for Diesel Engines Новинка

Available in package:

  • XB 40045 Tube10 ml
  • XB 40145 Tube in blister 10 ml
  • XB 40245 Tube 20 ml
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Fuel System Cleaner for Diesel Engines

Complex cleaning of the fuel system (fuel tank, pipelines, injectors), displacing moisture from fuel.

  • Cleans injector nozzles, fuel supply lines, pistons and combustion chambers from contaminations and prevents their getting dirty in the future.
  • Restores power and parameters of the engine up to factory values.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Eliminates problems of the cold start.
  • Squeeze out the contents of the tube into the fuel tank before fueling.
  • Drive your car as you normally do.

Tube 10/20 ml for 20/40 L of fuel.


Compatible with all grades of fuel. Safe for particulate filters. Does not lower the efficiency of other additives. Effective for Common-Rail and Pumpe Düse (pump-injector) injection systems.

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