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Gun conserving grease

Available in package:

  • XA 40004 aerosol can 75 ml
  • XB 41904 aerosol can with a 2-position spray 500 ml
  • XB 40904 aerosol can 500 ml
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Gun conserving grease

Gun spray grease for conserving, cleaning and lubricating the arms before storage. Contains revitalizant.

It provides a reliable protection of the arms against corrosion even if stored outdoors for a long time. It is used for small-bore and large-caliber rifled and smoothbore arms of all types (hunting, sporting, fighting and pneumatic). It is used to take care of the arms after shooting and prepare them for storage.

  • Quickly helps to prepare the arms for storage.
  • Possesses high penetrating abilities and gets to all parts of the arms.
  • Special inhibiting components of the grease neutralize aggressive actions of the scale particles left after cleaning.
  • Possesses perfect low-temperature properties, provides mobility and smoothness of the mechanism operation at the ambient temperature up to -60 °С.
  • Owing to revitalizant, it keeps the surface of the barrel bore in top condition.
  • 1. Shake the can.
  • 2. Spray a thin layer onto the work surface (part, joint).
  • 3. If necessary, wipe with a napkin.
  • 4. If heavily contaminated, repeat the treatment.