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Complex foam cleaner for automobile air conditioners v

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  • XB 40016 Aerosol can 320 ml
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Complex foam cleaner for automobile air conditioners v

Product for cleaning and preventive maintenance of automobile air conditioners

The product is applied for tools-free cleaning of complex configuration air ducts of modern automobile air conditioners. Quickly and effectively removes contamination and provides fresh air ventilation. Possesses disinfecting property. Eliminates fungi and bacteria, thus preventing risk of allergy and other respiratory tract diseases development.

  • Cleans air conditioner from contaminations, provides fresh and clean air ventilation from air conditioner.
  • Disinfects air conditioner system, removes musty odor and eliminates fungi and bacteria.
  • Forms an antibacterial film on the evaporative cooler and air ducts of the air conditioner.
  • Shake the can.
  • Spray the contents of the can into the cool air deflector (air duct) of an air conditioner, using the extension tube and in such away for compound to get onto evaporative.
  • Wait 15-30 minutes, start the engine and let it idle for 3-4 minutes with air conditioner turned on.

The product is to be sprayed while engine is turned off; doors are opened in a well-ventilated place or outdoors. Contains biologically active substances.