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Lithium Grease for CV-Joints

Available in package:

  • XB 30051 Cartridge for a filling gun 450 ml
  • XB 30251 Plastic tube 125 ml
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Lithium Grease for CV-Joints

Consistent grease with molybdenum disulfide for constant velocity joints (CV-joints)

The product is recommended for use in constant velocity joints, assemblies and bearings of vehicles and industrial equipment. The grease contains pure fine-grained molybdenum disulfide due to which it reliably protects assemblies and bearings operating under peak and/or alternating loads.

  • Special grease for CV-joints.
  • Reliably protects assemblies and bearings operating under peak and/or alternating loads.
  • Possesses high mechanical and chemical stability, retains its protective and antiwear properties even under the influence of durable mechanical and thermal overloads.
  • Due to its outstanding stickiness the grease remains on lubricated surfaces even if affected by vibration and high rotation speeds.
  • The grease is waterproof and can be used in assemblies operating in contact with water.
  • It creates a good insulation and prevents contamination of bearings.

Application with the help of a filling gun for plastic lubricants.

Introduce the grease into an assembly via a grease fitting until it appears out of clearances of the lubricated joint.

Manual application.

Fill ½ of the free space of the bearing (assembly) with the grease having previously removed the old grease.


The grease is compatible with all types of lithium-based automotive and industrial greases, miscible with such greases at any ratio.

Applied to assemblies with the rotation speed of up to 10 000 rpm.


NLGI 2 (ASTM D217)

ISO-L-XСCEB 2 (ISO 6743-9)

KPF2N-25 (DIN 51502)