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Ice Breacker

Available in package:

  • XB 40063 can 550 ml
  • XB 40163 tube in blister package 10 ml
  • XB 40017 aeroso can 320 ml
  • XB 40263 tube 10 ml
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Ice Breacker

Frost remover and lock defroster.

It is used to remove frost from the windshields. It also quickly removes frost from mirrors, paint, chrome-plated, plastic, and rubber parts. It efficiently defrosts door locks.

  • Quickly defrosts and efficiently removes ice from car windows.
  • Removes ice and frozen rough layer of snow from the vehicle surface.
  • Lubricates and prevents parts freezing inside of the lock.

To remove ice.

Shake the can.

Spray the substance onto the frozen surface, wait 10-15 sec and remove the thawed ice with a scraper or a sponge.

To defrost door locks.

Shake the can.

Spray the substance into the keyhole. The lock will be defrosted in 1 minute.