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Insect trace remover

Available in package:

  • XB 40404 can 500 ml
  • XB 40004 aeroso can 320 ml
  • XB 40104 packet 20 ml
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Insect trace remover

Сoncentrate for intensive windshield cleaning.

It can easily and quickly clean the glass, metal, paint, plastic, as well as nickel- and chrome-plated parts of a car. It is specially designed to remove organic contaminations which contain chitin.

  • Removes insect traces.
  • Dissolves fresh and old spots of wood resin and bituminous tar.
  • Removes traces of poplar buds and plant juices.
  • Removes lime spots.
  • Easily cleans windshields from contaminations (road dirt, oil coating, etc.) owing to improved detergent properties.

Insect trace remover (aerosol)

Shake the can.

Spray onto the surface to be cleaned.

Wipe off with a cloth (sponge) after 5–10 seconds.

Insect trace remover (packet).

Add the content of the packet into a windshield washer reservoir at a ratio: 1 packet for 3 liters of fluid.


If strong contaminated double the dosage.