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  • XB 40125 aerosol can 500 ml
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Plastic corrosion preventive coating for surfaces of non-painted fender flares and car bottom.

Rust preventive product designed to treat fender wells before assembling plastic protection.

Used for overall and local protection of a car body and strengthens existing coating.

  • Highly resistant to chemical activity (weak acids, alkali, etc.).
  • Protects a car body from stone hitting, decreases noise and vibration.
  • Forms a thick volumetric coating possessing thixotropic properties.
  • Keeps high form stability (does not trickle down).
  • Resistant to the temperature up to 85 °С.
  • 1. Remove dirt, rust, and dust from the surfaces to be treated.
  • 2. Shake the can.
  • 3. Spray onto the surface at a distance of 20-30 cm.
  • 4. Apply 2-3 layers on the surfaces to be coated. Each next layer should be applied after short-term waiting.
  • 5. Wait 1-2 hours. Run your car or assemble plastic wings.

The ambient air temperature while treating should be 15...20°C.

Excess of Plasticor can be easily removed with VERYLUBE TAR STAIN REMOVER.