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Energy for petrol engines

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  • XB 40157 Tube 20 ml
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Energy for petrol engines

Power amplifier for petrol engine

Increases energy-conversion efficiency of fuel. Improves capacity parameters of an engine and thermodynamic properties of combustion products. Increases potential reserve of fuel thermal energy. Due to the improved inflammability provides easy cold start of an engine.


Increases engine capacity.
Increases energy-conversion efficiency.
Reduces detonation knocking.
Provides easy cold start of an engine.
Reduces harmful exhausts emissions (СО, НС, NOх) into the atmosphere.

  • Squeeze the contents of the tube into the fuel tank before fueling.
  • Drive your car as you normally do.

20 ml (1 tube) for 40-60 L of fuel


Compatible with all fuel grades.

Safe for catalyst converters (particulate filters) and lambda probes.

It is recommended for application with every fueling.