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Antigel Лидер продаж

Available in package:

  • XB 40254 tube 10 ml
  • XB 40354 tube in blister package 10 ml
  • XB 41054 tuba 20 ml
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Superconcentrate for diesel fuel.

Special super concentrated product designed to perfect low-temperature properties of diesel fuel. It is used to improve the fluidity and pumpability of fuel at low temperatures.

  • Efficiently decreases the freezing temperature of diesel fuel.
  • Economical in use, a ratio 1:10 000.
  • Prevents clots and paraffin crystals forming.
  • Protects the filter from plugging when pumping cold fuel.
  • Guarantees easy engine start at low temperatures.
  • 1. Squeeze the content of the tube into a fuel tank (refueling nozzle).
  • 2. Fill the car following the dosage instructions.
  • 3. Run the car as usual.

Up to -20 °С – 1 tube for 100 liters of summer diesel fuel.

Up to -35 °С – 1 tube for 20 liters of summer diesel fuel.


Antigel should be introduced into the non-thickened (transparent) summer diesel fuel.

The substance should be warmed up to the temperature of 20. .. 25 °С before application.

Expert's Advice

To make the application easy, squeeze the content of the tube into the refueling nozzle before filling.